What’s New in FarmerLand v2


[Update 3/11: We will be using USDT as the auction currency instead of USDC!]

Greetings! We are now just 1 week from the launch of FarmerLand v2, and the new gameplay rules have been set! Please check out our updated Docs for specifics. We have some fun, beneficial, and important changes coming for v2:

🔥Arbitrum Network

We will be deploying on Arbitrum One and leaving Polygon behind! Arbitrum One is the most hyped blockchain currently, so this should be welcome news to investors. In addition, we noticed many lapses in technical infrastructure involving Polygon, leading to users not getting the excellent performance they deserve. Polygon’s daily problems with RPC servers, the Subgraph, and other blockchain issues have not come up in our testing on Arbitrum. Therefore, we expect a vast improvement in user experience!

🐮 Majestic Minotaurs

We are introducing Majestic Minotaurs as the fourth NFT type! Majestic Minotaurs will have a higher level cap and higher starting stat values than the other FarmerLand NFTs. They are envisioned as raid leaders, and they will cost NFTs to mint! Users will have to burn at least 7 other FarmerLand NFTs to mint each Minotaur, and the cost will increase by 1 NFT every 50 mints. This NFT burning mechanic similar to Raid Party, and it will make the FarmerLand NFT supply deflationary!

🌾Updated Tunings

We have used the information gained from how FarmerLand v1 went to update all of the system’s numbers. For example, the overall Field bonus percentages will be lower in v2, and it will take more work to “max out” the Field bonus! In addition, we are allocating a higher percentage of USDC (2%) to the King of the Farm lottery, and we have reduced the minimum loan duration to instant so that lenders no longer have to wait 4 days to withdraw USDC.

Extra Team Bootstrap

Because of the fact that users did not get what they expected out of FarmerLand v1, the team has committed to add an extra $40,000 USDC bootstrap to the first 16 days of FarmerLand v2 USDC auction lobbies! (4k x 4, 3k x 4, 2k x 4, 1k x 4). This is extra money that the team did not collect presale funds for, that represents our commitment to a solid user experience in v2 and full recovery from the contract bugs in v1. We would appreciate it if users bid lots of USDC in the daily auctions in recognition of this, as the team funds will seed the available WHEAT dividends and pay you back! The team will also be sponsoring 2 weeks of daily lottery drawings that award $250 USDC to a random depositor of $100 USDC or more.

📜 FarmerLand v1 Airdrop

The team will be airdropping the following FarmerLand v2 assets to FarmerLand v1 participants:

  • WHEAT Balances of v1 Participants collected by every possible means
  • Compensatory WHEAT for Non-ROI in v1
  • Complimentary Majestic Minotaurs according to v1 USDC ROI

In addition, please let us know via our socials if you need assistance with gas on Arbitrum network.

Again, the team has put an extraordinary amount of resources and effort into the launch of FarmerLand v2. In addition to committing financial bootstrap resources to v2 dividends as stated above, we also obtained a Peckshield audit of the v2 contracts. Therefore, we are certain that the v2 contracts are bug-free and we are technically cleared for launch. We hope you all enjoy depositing in FarmerLand v2 beginning March 15!



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