Thoughts on Presale Eve

The PolyWantsACracker team is flattered! We have been given an incredibly warm welcome by the Yield Farming community. I had a chat with the web administrator for RugDoc and he said that his level of outbound clicks is “very, very high.” We have had so many new Twitter followers that we are unable to follow everyone back without being throttled. And our Telegram group is often a solid wall of “rose petal greetings” for new members.

Just before our presale begins, we would like to keep you updated on some of our plans. We have made efforts to reach out to several key communities that have shown superior and lasting dedication to their chosen tokens, and those efforts have been very well received. We have also begun the process of getting connected with vault providers. And we have become aware of additional organized efforts by other well-known providers in the space to offer special opportunities to those who have undertaken the enhanced compliance process (KYC, Paladin audit) we have undertaken.

However, the real prize is the second layer. We have been working on the second layer for almost 3 months, and we are designing features for the second layer that will simply make you shit your pants. To clarify, LITHIUM will be swapped to the second layer and therefore be fully functional. It will not be a second-class citizen whose utility is restricted to a single pool.

Again, we appreciate all the interest! Thank you for the warm welcome.





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