The PolyWantsACracker Difference

In a veritable sea of shitty yield farms, it helps to have a life raft. We know that you want to invest in something that stands out from the pack. Here are some of PolyWantsACracker’s key differentiators:

  • Superior Metrics

In PolyWantsACracker, the numbers are just going to be better. We are going to use 60% of all deposit fees for buybacks. And the initial emission rate of 11.5%/day will provide healthy returns while avoiding the inevitability of a huge price drop.

  • Enhanced early liquidity pool

The way we are able to arrive at these metrics, which will help to preserve the capital of early liquidity providers, is to put more tokens into the hands of these desirable participants initially. Therefore, we will be conducting a presale with a tiny cap of $150k for 30% of the supply, which should be bought up rapidly by highly interested participants who will actually support the system by providing liquidity themselves.

  • Revolutionary development

The features we are developing for our second layer, simply put, are going to make you shit your pants. We are going to introduce a completely new user ownership model, along with a fundamentally different transfer mechanism that should reduce selling pressure on AMMs. We ask that you stay tuned for more details. If you give us 3 weeks, we will give you the world!

  • Quality and Security

This operation is being run with a higher level of professionalism than most yield farms. We have laid out a very high level of investment in terms of audit, advertising, and other services (to be announced soon). Further, we have paid more attention to branding and community development than most. All of this effort is because of both the extremely high potential of the second layer and the principles of the creators themselves.

If you like what you are reading, we would appreciate your taking part in our presale on July 18, 2021 at 1500 GMT. Hope to see you there!



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PolyWantsADoge - Sugandese Tokens

PolyWantsADoge - Sugandese Tokens

PolyWantsADoge: A fork of PolyWantsACracker yield farm by the original team on Dogechain