The Circle Is Complete! Dividends and AMM Support from NFT Sales!

The green candle on the right was the result of our NFT sale profit distribution to DARK token AMM

Hey guys! I’m happy to say that on only our first day of farming, we can report our first major profit distribution according to our platform income formula! As many of you know, 50% of all of’s platform income other than deposit fees goes to CZDIAMOND USDC dividends, and the other 50% provides price support for DARK-MATIC LP. We got to perform the first major distribution today after our PolyPudgyPenguin on-site minting page got off to an INCREDIBLE start!

Over 580 Pudgies have already been distributed, and we just made the minting site available a few hours ago! Some of the mints have gone into our lootboxes, but the majority of the Pudgies out there have now been minted on our site. Therefore, within just a few hours of the minting site being live, we had 11,560 MATIC sitting in the contract!

We withdrew the 11,560 MATIC:

Half was swapped to 7,736 USDC:

The 7,736 USDC was sent to CZDIAMOND:

And 5780 MATIC was sent to DARK (Total: $15,472):

When we sent the funds to CZDIAMOND, it resulted in a clear increase in the USDC/block variable. When we sent the funds to DARK, a DARK purchase was necessary to have the same amount of DARK and MATIC to form LP tokens. Therefore, it caused the chart candle on the right of the photo above.

This is a historic occasion! It is the first time the full potential of our system has been realized. We took platform income that is unrelated to deposit fees and fed it directly back to increase the sustainability of our platform. Not only that, we did so with quite a large amount of money for just a few hours.

Our NFT sales proceeds are just one income stream. We will also be making profit in many other ways, such as OTC, gambling games, and Lootboxes! However, we thought you would enjoy this look at the level of profit and the effectiveness of our new system. Many cheers!



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PolyWantsADoge - Sugandese Tokens

PolyWantsADoge - Sugandese Tokens


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