📷It’s time to announce the BSC edition of Sugandese Lootboxes! Enter to receive a random “pack” of three digital mystery goods! The prizes include valuable tokens and rare Chillaxin’ Cat NFTs!

🎉This time we have given bonus Chillaxin’ Cats and cash and made the chance of getting a rare in a pack 90%!

🎫Price: 0.11 BNB worth of BUSD
— Packs in deck: 250
— Chillaxin’ Cats: 205
— Rare cash cards: 20 (worth $100 or more)
— Rare chance in pack: 90%

⏰Countdown: https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/11722222

🎰Participate: https://stonetemple.finance/lootcrate/

💵Decklist: https://polywantsacracker.gitbook.io/stone-temple-binance/platform/lootcrate-contract/lootcrate-card-list-1