Stone Temple Binance Presale Active!

Hey guys! The Stone Temple Binance BUSD Presale is now active!

Head on over and pick up your STB and PLUSH, the ownership and yield tokens of Stone Temple Binance!

Some reasons to pick up your BUSD presale tokens now:

  • BUSD presalers will receive 1/3 of the public tokens for the Fantom launch! That means that when you participate in the presale, you get 4 tokens!
  • Liquidity and buyback receive 50% of the raise, giving us more solid liquidity on a proportional basis than any other organization of the same type
  • Native token pools will have the same high multipliers regardless of how much sells in the BUSD presale. So if you buy tokens and the presale does NOT sell out, you get more proportionally and therefore more pool rewards on a raw numbers basis!
  • This is the public’s ONLY chance to get this offer in bulk! The vast majority of the STB (85,000) is pre-minted, leaving only 15,000 as pool/farm yields. Therefore, it will be pretty difficult to farm up large STB bags. (In contrast, 40,000 of the 100,000 CZD are farmed)
  • We have great things happening! Slots coming soon, poker in development, Fantom release, full game, and lots of partnerships! See below!
  • Our MC has been whitelisted from fees by Thoreum token, so we expect major deposits from their community! We also have staking opportunities for lots of high-market-cap tokens that have many investors on BSC but lack staking opportunities!

In terms of publicity, we are working on a possible announcement of the Thoreum whitelisting, which would be huge. We also have the following Chainlink community AMA tomorrow:

Thanks guys and please participate in the BUSD presale! An 8-day DAO followed by 80% treasury buyback on the 9th day, only on Fantom Network

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Snowcat DAO - Sugandese Tokens An 8-day DAO followed by 80% treasury buyback on the 9th day, only on Fantom Network

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