Snowcat DAO Presale Thoughts

Greetings and welcome to our Snowcat DAO Presale Thoughts post! First, the presale info:

⏰ Whitelist: 3/19, 8pm GMT
⏰ Public: 3/20, 8pm GMT
🌐 Presale page now active:
🏆 Whitelist overbooked because some people said they are not using the full allocation: 260/200 spots
📰 We do not think the whitelist sale will sell out, but if you want, you can be early just to make sure!

And now, my thoughts! First and foremost, ever since Snowcat DAO was announced, we have been SWAMPED with interest! The whitelist was only open to our existing community members, and it had reached the 200-slot capacity in less than 24 hours. We then received hundreds of whitelist requests that we could not accommodate, and people’s general level of anticipation seems extremely high. Therefore, it seems that the community’s desire to participate in short-term DAOs is incredibly strong, and the combination of factors at play has produced a whirlwind of demand.

With Snowcat DAO, there is a sense of both setting out on a journey and arrival at a destination. We are venturing into the great unknown of AVAX and attempting to capitalize on affinity to the Snowdog DAO project, even though Snowdog’s reputation is so badly scarred. But we are also reaching the apotheosis of a logical progression in our short-term DAO offerings. Now that the buyback code has been tested in MiniPanther, we are seeing a much higher level of interest, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us!

There are a few code changes for Snowcat DAO. First, we have inserted an antibot tax that begins at 90% and decreases for the first 7 seconds after liquidity addition or a buyback. This should prevent bots from transacting, or tax them heavily, on the same block as a buyback. We have also added referral code that grants a 3% bonus to both the referrer and the referee!

We are also doing a giveaway to Snowdog DAO stakers that awards 2 SCAT to each of the first 3,000 wallets (out of 19.3k eligible) that claim. We hope to get some viral promotion from this giveaway, as Snowdog captured the imagination of apes everywhere in the crypto sphere, and we hope to recapture that spark.

Again, we humbly appreciate the outstanding community contributions during our pre-launch period. Many people have participated in our new raid contests, and we have gotten many great memes designed (including the photo at the top of this article). We can’t wait to see how Snowcat plays out!





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