Slot Machine Release: 2200 GMT Tonight! + Twitter Space

The slot machine will be released tonight in all its glory!

Hey guys! We are happy to announce that the wait for the Slot Machine is finally over! Tonight at 2200 GMT, we will be deploying both the BSC version and the Polygon version of the Slot Machine, supporting USDC and DARK on Polygon and PLUSH and BUSD on BSC for payment!

We will be hosting a Twitter Space on our Twitter handle, @PolyWantsAFarm, at 2200 GMT to celebrate the release! You should be sent a notification if you follow us, so please follow to be informed when the Space has started. We would love to see you there!

Please check out our Slot Machine Docs page and our Paladin Slot Machine audit to learn more about the game! It is the first slot machine game to have true reels programmed in on the blockchain, making it the first censorship-proof slot machine ever!

We are very excited to introduce this fun, profitable game to our stable of dApps, as it will generate dividends and buyback power! All house tokens collected via the slot machine will be removed from circulation, and USD profits will be split 50/50 between ownership token dividends and yield token price support. Many cheers!



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