Prefarm Trading Day Thoughts on ARCADIUM

Hey guys! We have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off ever since our USDC presale sold out in 43 seconds. We moved forward the times for liquidity and the start of the swap from Layer 2 presale tokens to real Layer 2 tokens.

Liquidity will be added 1 hour before the swap, and the swap will begin at:

That’s just a few hours from now, so head on over to

to participate!

Many of you have asked my thoughts leading up to the beginning of trading. First, I will say that interest in OTC (over-the-counter, peer-to-peer trading, escrowed by me personally) has spiked almost beyond control. We have completed dozens of OTC deals in the last day, and every single one of them has seen tokens selling above presale price, with triple-digit OTC prices for PREMYFRIENDS. We can tell that the interest in our product is much stronger than in Layer 1, when the plan was nothing more than to make everyone shit their pants. We have succeeded at that, but we have also done so much more.

Although I have really enjoyed getting to know so many of you via the many OTC deals we have completed, the level of interest is becoming overwhelming on our time. Whereas during the Layer 1 OTC I was able to keep track of a pseudo-order book myself, we are now overwhelmed even with the assistance of our professional CM j0rby. We have so many inbound inquiries that it has been tough to find the time to get updates to you! That is a good problem to have, and we are looking forward to all this being solved by the introduction of our on-chain OTC engine in Layer 3.

I would also like to share some updates about our technical team. The community’s extreme generosity during our recent USDC raise has allowed us to target some immediate hires that will vastly expand the scope of the awesome features we can bring you. As previously announced, we have purchased 300 PolyPunks with the buyback wallet for purposes of indirect buybacks, and we need a loot box contract to be created. This creates an additional stream of technical tasks that can be logically addressed by a new person. We are also hoping to streamline our future website launches more, which could justify another hire.

Many have asked me about the relative pros and cons of ARCADIUM and MYFRIENDS. What should people do when they get their tokens? Everybody seems to know that MYFRIENDS has value, but I have been asked even by some highly esteemed colleagues, what will prevent people from just dumping ARCADIUM? Well, I’m glad you asked. There are a number of factors that I have designed into the system that should help to keep ARCADIUM in good shape.

The first major reason why you would want to buy ARCADIUM is because ARCADIUM pools are going to have the highest multipliers and probably APRs in Stadium Arcadium. Therefore, ARCADIUM is your ticket to earning the most MYFRIENDS you can (in addition to the most additional ARCADIUM). Therefore, ARCADIUM’s theoretical value is denominated in MYFRIENDS plus the benefits that the whole system brings.

The next reason why one would want to buy more ARCADIUM is because you will be able to swap it for Layer 3 tokens. Remember, there will be no USDC presale for Layer 3. So ARCADIUM and MYFRIENDS will be the ONLY ways to acquire preallocations of Layer 3 tokens besides being a creator. We already saw that this was an extremely strong incentive to hold LITHIUM, so it seems that ARCADIUM only offers a comparative advantage to LITHIUM in this respect because it will be securing an allocation for a system that is becoming a better known entity.

One other reason to accumulate more ARCADIUM is because it will receive 25% of the deposit fees for price support, along with 50% of other platform income. Whereas ARCADIUM benefits from this automatic AMM support process, MYFRIENDS receives no direct price support. So when we develop things like custom gambling contracts using Chainlink randomness, ARCADIUM benefits with 50% of the incoming funds directly going to support its price, whereas the MYFRIENDS portion goes to dividends. Therefore, in a situation where the farm is receiving lots of deposit fees, ARCADIUM may actually moon more rapidly that MYFRIENDS because there will be money hard wired to continue boosting the price even when the support is not really needed.

The next reason to buy and hold ARCADIUM is our superior buyback program. During Layer 1, we did over $200k in buybacks, and we ended Layer 1 with $106k in the wallet. With the presale contributing an additional percentage, we now have over $185k in our buyback wallet even after the purchase of 300 PolyPunks as part of our expanded indirect buyback program. We recently expanded our definition of buybacks to include fun activities for which people will pay ARCADIUM. These include both the upcoming PolyPunks loot crate contract and other things like Pulsar games that accept ARCADIUM as payment and reward USDC. ARCADIUM will receive 100% of the support from our buyback program, as MYFRIENDS is not expected to need such price support.

One final reason I will mention why you want ARCADIUM is because you like to farm. MYFRIENDS will have a great pool, but it will be unlike anything else. However, ARCADIUM, as more of a traditional farming token, is actually quite similar to LITHIUM in terms of its overall emission rate and will provide happier access to more traditional farms and pools. I say this because MYFRIENDS ownership benefits are only given for single staking. Therefore, some users may not want to go the MYFRIENDS LP route. However, ARCADIUM was designed to be appealing to native stakers in the same way that LITHIUM was. One could even say that it is a superior version of LITHIUM, as it has the same overall supply expansion rate throughout its life while beginning life as part of a much stronger system that has much greater financial health and innovative properties than the one that came before it.

Well, this has been my first long-form piece exclusively on the benefits of ARCADIUM. I know that you are all having fun puzzling through the implications of the new system, so I hope this helps!





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