PolyWantsACracker’s LITHIUM Launch Day Results

Thank you for a successful token launch! Today, as promised, we added $150k in liquidity (75000 USDC + 7500 LITHIUM) and then opened up our PRELITHIUM to LITHIUM swap about 37 minutes later.

  • Current price: $15 (presalers are at 3x)
  • $159k TVL 3 days from farming
  • $223k TNL (total native liquidity)
  • $63k staked in single LITHIUM pool

We were expecting a high amount of native liquidity, but the early TVL is really surprising. This means that there are some people out there who want others to see that they are putting money in a farm 3 days before coins start to drop. To repeat something I said in a previous post, this is starting to give me those “Chinese Market Maker” feels that we used to see in 2017–8. I guess the 60% buyback appeals to them!

It does make sense why people are choosing our project. It turns out that I actually started doing this with an independent following that is MUCH larger than I had previously imagined. That is flattering, and words cannot express how much I appreciate it, but the reason why those people have been willing to commit to the project so much is because the setup is just better. Native holders will not be undermined to nearly the extent they would be in other setups.

Because we are implementing new mathematical parameters to the codebase, and because of the apparent HUGE interest level, we are also looking into changes to our multiplier and temporary bonus multiplier structure. Further, we have heard many suggestions about our multipliers, and we would like to take these into account. Therefore, please expect an update to our multiplier and bonus multiplier structure that will take account of the unexpectedly high interest soon!

Just a reminder that there were some VERY important announcements in my main launch day post! We have revealed some key concepts of our plan going forward, and those plans will have a SIGNIFICANT impact on your plans for what to do with your LITHIUM. Please stay tuned in the coming days, as we are just putting the finishing touches on the Layer 2 code before we send it to audit.

Again, we sincerely appreciate the amazing support we have received. I really meant it when I said “superior metrics,” but there is no way I could have promised people throwing this kind of money into pools 3 days early! From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate it!



Snowcat.dog: An 8-day DAO followed by 80% treasury buyback on the 9th day, only on Fantom Network

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Snowcat DAO - Sugandese Tokens

Snowcat DAO - Sugandese Tokens

Snowcat.dog: An 8-day DAO followed by 80% treasury buyback on the 9th day, only on Fantom Network

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