PolyPudgyPenguins: Now Available!

TL;DR: 8,888 PolyPudgyPenguins are for sale for 40 MATIC each! The sales will benefit our unique tokenized ownership system and facilitate DARK buybacks! Some will be distributed through our Lootbox card pack opening game!

Hey guys! We are happy to announce that PolyPudgyPenguins are now available for purchase on our website! These 8,888 cute creatures from the Arctic are in need of adoption, and they would love to go home with you today! You will also be able to stake them in a pool on Darkside Finance starting very soon.

The PolyPudgyPenguins can be minted for 40 MATIC each at:

Once there, you can see the number of Penguins remaining and choose from 1 to 20 mints. This is important because PolyPudgyPenguins will soon be stakeable in a pool on Darkside Finance! Check out the NFT staking page at:

Now that the sale of PolyPudgyPenguins has been publicly announced, the opening of the pool for them will proceed at approximately 2130 GMT tonight! We have timelocked the transaction to open the pool and will do so on the blockchain and add it to the UI at the same time. That is a manual process, so we have an Earth time, not a block time, for that. Enjoy staking your Pudgys!

Some of the supply will be minted on the website linked above, but some will also be distributed through our highly successful Lootbox distribution system! There are only 8,888 available to be minted for all purposes, so make sure you get them soon if you want them, as the Lootcrate will burn through them, valuing them at mint price in packs, at a decently rapid rate!

On a deeper philosophical level, this is the first time that the group of people primarily purchasing an NFT set has had a major ownership share in the entity that is releasing the series and realizing the profits. I believe that this is a very important step in the history of NFTs, as they fundamentally have a very low cost and have the potential to generate large profits for the creators. It is only fair that those profits be split how they are being done in this situation. This is another aspect of why our tokenized ownership system is so important. It serves as a mechanism to redistribute excessive profits to the customers who participate in those profits’ generation.

When the buyback wallet distributes Pudgys through the Lootbox contract, the funds will be used for indirect DARK buybacks, and when the Pudgys are minted on our website, the funds will be split into 50% CZDiamond USDC dividends and 50% DARK AMM support. We cannot really imagine a fairer way to benefit the participants while also cashing in on the NFT Revolution!

I personally believe strongly in the value of NFTs. I have collected things since I was a kid, and I have a history of having an accurate eye for value. I actually have collectibles industry experience! I have bought and sold wholesale lots of some items like MMA posters/memorabilia and Magic cards, and I believe that NFTs constitute a very worthy digital transitioning of the collectibles industry. The discussions that collectors have about Punks and Penguins have had many of the same contents that we would have about physical collectibles. However, NFTs are easier to show off in the digital age than a Rolex or a Lambo. And the Pudgys… well, they are just so damn cute!

We will continue to pursue the unique synergy that our platform creates between NFT sales, NFT staking, and the Lootbox distribution system. We believe that this will enhance our profitability and sustainability. And we think you’re gonna LOVE the Penguins! I know I love the one I got! Many cheers,




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