Podcast Announcement! First Guest: OhHeyMatty

Hey guys! It is my pleasure to announce that Sugandese Tokens will be recording our own podcast! The first episode will be recorded on August 30, 2021. The recording engineer will be our noble CM j0rby, and the guest will be Matthew Land, who is known in crypto circles as OhHeyMatty!

We are incredibly proud to be presenting a conversation with OhHeyMatty, as he had a career as an incredibly revered ICO analyst during the 2017–2018 crypto run. His method of spreadsheet-based metrics analysis served as one of the main inspirations for an entire generation of crypto investors. His insights from back then can teach us so much about current organizations in DeFi, and he is still personally involved too! Now a crypto VC who also invests privately in DeFi, OhHeyMatty will share his perspectives on everything crypto.

Here is a quick bio paragraph about OhHeyMatty’s background:

Matthew Land has a background in Computer science working as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer Lead for over 5 years at Providersoft, which was acquired by Constellation Software, a publically traded company listed on the S&P/TSX 60, under his leadership. Matthew is a blockchain domain expert working in the digital technologies space since 2013. Through his brand at Oh Hey Matty, Matt created the Oh Hey Matty spreadsheet in 2017, An early start-up, data-driven, metric analysis system that is credited by top industry experts as a foundational pillar to the expansion of early-stage capital formation in the digital space and a critical contribution to the Ethereum blockchain. In 2017 Matthew joined Marshland Capital alongside David Marshall, to foster a full-stack accelerator and capital deployment arm where he currently continues to help shape and guide the vision and future of Digital Assets.

We are exciting to be bringing you this podcast as part of our larger efforts related to branding, promotion, and education. We want to promote ourselves as a crypto business that is here to stay. So in addition to promoting our platform functionality that will produce sustainable fees, we feel that this podcast will signal to the community that we really are serious about things like education, and that this will help our reputation overall.

The podcast will be uploaded to YouTube, Apple, Stitcher, and other venues, and we will link the episode when it is out. Thanks for your interest, and many cheers,




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