PepeMints Presale Cancelled

🐸 PepeMints Presale Cancelled

📉 Unfortunately, interest was not sufficient to ensure that PepeMints users would have a good experience

👎 We take this to mean that the community is not enthusiastic about the “liquidity-based auction lobby” concept!

🚀 That is ok! Onward and upward!

💰 Refund procedure:

-All BNB committed to presale will be refunded
-Arbiten and WHEAT swaps: Tokens + 33% of value in USDT returned to users
-10SHARE swap: 100% of value in USDT sent to users, tokens kept by house
-Values used: ArbiTen: $62, 10SHARE: $83, WHEAT: $.217

🛑 The project will not move forward as an auction token, but…

🔥 A PepeMints Project Pivot will be announced very soon! Keep your eyes peeled!



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