MiniPanther Launch Day Instructions and Recommendations

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3 min readFeb 15, 2022


Greetings! Read on for instructions on how to purchase MiniPanther during the token launch event on 2–15 at 9pm GMT. In addition, we have some recommendations on how to help the protocol during the launch!

When to buy:

Liquidity will be added at 9pm GMT on February 15!
The swap from PMP (presale token) to MP opens at 10pm GMT on February 15!

Recommendation: If you didn’t make the presale before it sold out, we recommend buying after users gain access to their MP tokens via the swap (after 10pm GMT)! You get more MP and help the protocol more by buying at lower prices, so take advantage of the opportunity when people first get the chance to sell. Please remember that the supply is extremely limited during the first hour!

What to buy:

Please be sure to use ONLY the correct contract address when buying MiniPanther:

MP @ 0x3264810174f577F82DDD4FD08818F368AC363505

MP token is available only on Fantom network!

Recommendation: In addition to purchasing MP tokens, you can form LP tokens anytime after the launch! In addition to helping with price impact, you can later bond Spookyswap MP/DAI tokens or stake Dark Knight MP/FTM tokens at Dark Knight. Therefore, you will get extra credit from the LP increasing in value if you LP when the price is relatively low!

Where to buy:

  1. Go here, search for the MP contract address under “To,” and then “Add” it.
    We are adding Spookyswap MP/DAI LP, so it is most efficient if you start with DAI in the “From” field when using Spookyswap. Other starting coins take the risk of routing through LPs with low liquidity, and therefore high price impact.

2. Go here, search for the MP contract address under “To,” and click it to add.
We are adding Knightswap MP/FTM LP, so it is most efficient if you start with FTM in the “From” field when using Dark Knight.

Recommendation: Check the prices to see which LP is the cheapest! When liquidity is added, the chart will autopopulate:

You can also check the expected numbers of output tokens from each exchange. But arbitrage will be difficult, as there is an 8% selling tax on both LP pairs!

Remember, staking rewards start on 2/16 at 8pm GMT, but rebase staking rewards run one epoch behind. Therefore, the first rewards are distributed on 2/17 at 0000 GMT.



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