MiniPanther + Dark Knight Staking Partnership

🥩 Staking Partnership Announcement: MiniPanther + Dark Knight

MiniPanther, an upcoming DAO with 80% treasury buybacks after 14 days, has partnered with Dark Knight to create an amazing reward program for stakers!

📰 Dark Knight will operate the following pools:

-Stake dKnight -> Earn MP
-Stake wsMP* -> Earn dKnight
-Stake MP/FTM LP -> Earn dKnight

* wsMP = wrapped staking receipt token

Check out the cycle above: it’s like getting infinite yield! You can take the earned tokens and stake them right back in both partners’ websites.

🪙 MP stakers receive double yield: rebase staking + bonus dKnight
🪟 This is a fair, transparent way to reward MP stakers — no lotteries
⚔️ dKnight stakers will also receive MP!

💵 The MiniPanther presale begins on Feb. 12 (whitelist) or Feb. 13 (public) at, with a 250k-DAI hard cap and a price of 10 DAI/MP! Staking and bonding begin February 16.

🎮 Discord:
🐦 Telegram:

⚔️ Dark Knight is a preeminent decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Fantom Opera (FTM) network that is built for reliable & sustainable yields while providing the highest quality DeFi experience.

🎮 Discord:
🐦 Telegram:



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