MiniPanther Buybacks Complete! Public Poll Active


Hello everybody! We hope you enjoyed MiniPanther’s unique, experimental buyback system! As promised, we completed $269k in buybacks within 24 hours without the admin ever having direct control over the treasury’s buyback funds. We successfully removed a key element of rug potential from the short-term DAO concept, and therefore, we declare the experiment a success!

Although MiniPanther was successful in what it set out to do, the experience has taught us that some improvements may be possible. First, it seems that the 14-day duration may be too long. Therefore, it seems like the length could be shortened. Second, we could increase the overall size and amount per wallet for the presale so that more liquidity could be added. This would enable larger wallets to participate. Third, we could insert anti-bot measures that penalize selling on the same block as or very soon after a buyback, as we did observe an arbitrage bot acting when we conducted buybacks.

Many of you have asked whether we plan to release another short-term DAO. The answer is: if the people desire it! Therefore, we have posted a Telegram poll where people can register their willingness to participate in the presale for a second short-term DAO on AVAX Network at:

If we do release another short-term DAO on AVAX, it will have the following terms:

  • 8-day duration (5 days of bonding + 3 days of redemption) followed by buybacks
  • $600k presale, 60% to locked liquidity
  • $3k per wallet with limited whitelist open to previous participants
  • Anti-bot measures (90% tax on sales in the same block as a buyback, with rapidly descending transaction tax thereafter)

Please vote so we can determine whether there will be another short-term DAO in the near future. Many cheers!

-Kurt, Wojak, and the Sugandese Tokens team



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