Meet the Team

PolyWantsACracker is brought to you by a team of truly outstanding individuals. Here are some brief bios!

Benjamin “Carlos” aka Kurt Cobain

Game Theoretician

Benjamin “Carlos” is a veteran of many crypto travels. Both an elite-educated scientist and a successful DeFi participant, he has designed the properties of PolyWantsACracker to be meaningfully more favorable to investors than the average farm. He has operated a small business for 10+ years and believes in building up a business the right way: through hard work, honesty, and fairness.


Lead Engineer

Wojak is an elite university-educated cartoon character with superbly amazing full-stack software engineering skills. He is one of the smartest people Carlos has ever met and is able to fashion his galaxy brain into things like a chair, elephant, or surfboard. In addition to working on PolyWantsACracker, Wojak is the lead engineer behind the revolutionary features coming in our second layer.


Front End Developer

Chad is redesigning several UI/UX elements and contributing to further front end development. His work will be prominently featured in the website for the second layer. He is often seen debugging code, winning at life, and berating The Virgin.

Toshino Kyoko

Art Designer/Director

Toshino Kyoko graduated from an elite university in China, and she does UI/UX design for a major finance company by day, but in her spare time, she just can’t stop thinking about illustration. A ball of positive feelings, energy, and talent, she is creating artwork and concepts for both the first and second layers. If you stick around and are really lucky, she may make an appearance!



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PolyWantsADoge - Sugandese Tokens

PolyWantsADoge - Sugandese Tokens


PolyWantsADoge: A fork of PolyWantsACracker yield farm by the original team on Dogechain