Lootbox Debut Run Tonight!!!

Hey guys! Our debut run of the Lootbox begins tonight! The Lootbox website is at:

And the block countdown is at:

The Lootbox will show you a price in USDC that is pegged to the current value of 46 MATIC! So you will have to approve the contract to spend USDC before participating.

When you play, you get 3 loot “cards” that contain treasure: either valuable tokens or NFTs! We have 360 total packs and 1080 total cards, 80 of which are PolyPunks (PolyPunk chance: 22.2%). We also have 10 “Rare cash cards” containing $100-$200 worth of tokens!

We have deployed the contract and the address has been added to our Paladin Audit Report at:

We have also loaded the loot crate with the following goodies:

Thanks for playing, and enjoy the entertainment and fabulous prizes!



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