Layer 3 Presale Swap Period Nearing End

Warning: We are nearing the end of our L2 → L3 presale swap period! You have only until the following countdown expires to swap all MYFRIENDS and ARCADIUM for Layer 3 presale tokens:

That is in approximately 4.5 hours! MYFRIENDS and ARCADIUM will not be supported after that time! So don’t wait until the last minute! Swap now here if you haven’t already:

We have already seen over 81% of eligible MYFRIENDS and 76% of eligible ARCADIUM swapped, with over 1300 addresses swapping! Congratulations on this excellent participation!

Again, PLEASE make sure you swap with ample time left! The estimated countdown is only an estimate; the real time is a Polygon Network block, which can vary! Thanks!