Insane Results of Using DARK as Lootbox Payment

Hey guys! We have sold 2/3 of the packs that were available in tonight’s Lootbox run! There are still a few packs available at:

So get ’em before they’re gone!

Remember that tonight’s run is a) the first in this new time slot, and b) the first one to accept DARK as a payment token! So we can now check out the effects of the lootbox as a DARK buyback mechanism.

The attached photo shows incredibly bullish price action as a result of the lootbox run. DARK emission is now slow enough that people do not seem to be primarily buying packs with DARK they have available. Instead, it appears that people are market buying DARK to spend on packs.

We are highly encouraged by these initial results and will continue to assess the effectiveness of our unique buyback program. Many cheers!



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