Indirect Buyback Update: PolyPunks

One of the PolyPunks up for adoption in our buyback program is a completely plain punk with no attributes! His rarity rank is 20, meaning we were extremely lucky to get him.

Hi guys! We have recently expanded the scope of our buyback program to include games and merchandise. In accordance with that mission, and responding to community desires, WE HAVE PURCHASED 300 POLYPUNKS AS PART OF OUR BUYBACK PROGRAM!!!

We are going to create a loot crate contract that will accept ARCADIUM as payment and crap out a PolyPunk as a reward. Therefore, it will serve as an indirect form of buyback, as we will lay out cash to obtain our native tokens.

We are excited about this direction, as it accomplishes multiple key goals: respond to community demands, pivot as soon as the community desires it, and always come up with new sources of value to provide our owners/customers. We believe that this may allow us to integrate some interesting technology as well, as we may be able to integrate Chainlink oracles to provide the randomness of the PolyPunk draw.

Please check out all of the great PolyPunks that we are going to make available for adoption at:

We are not going to sell on OpenSea, but that happens to be the only website that allows you to view a large number of PolyPunks. You can also investigate the rarity ranks at by entering the number.

We look forward to bringing in multiple streams of both fun buybacks and income generation to our platform. Thank you for choosing Sugandese Tokens and we appreciate your interest in our buybacks!



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