FarmerLand Farmer Claim Event

🧑‍🌾 It’s time for the FarmerLand Farmer Claim Event!

🌾 FarmerLand, our P2E NFT game, is coming soon! Check out the docs at:

🐸 Owners of PolyPudgyPenguins, Chillaxin’ Cats, Majestic Minotaurs, MiniPanthers, and SnowCats can claim one FarmerLand Farmer per NFT owned! (conditions apply)

🔨 Prior Sugandese Tokens NFTs must have been minted before 9–30–2022 (Please don’t mint any new ones)

⏰ The claim deadline is 10–8–2022 at 8pm GMT!

📜 Information about the Farmer Claim Event:

🌐 Claim Farmer NFTs at:



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