DOGIUM Swappers To Receive 33% Bonus JANIS tokens

Greetings! We would like to announce the formula for awarding JANIS presale credit to those who send DOGIUM into the swap contract at the end of farming. The TLDR is that DOGIUM swappers will receive 33% bonus JANIS tokens compared with the public!

The public portion of the Janis Capital presale will use a new format: the method recently popularized by . In this format, the community can contribute as much as it wants for a set time, and the contract buys tokens out of a set supply and adds liquidity. The number of tokens received by the public (the public token price) is determined by the overall amount contributed.

The contract buys exactly enough tokens to launch liquidity at 3x the public token price, and the public receives the remainder of the launch tokens, but not instantly! There will be a pool that linearly releases the public’s JANIS tokens for 1 month. This prevents the price from decreasing rapidly on launch.

Janis Capital swap screen background

The JANIS public token price is not set in advance by the community fairlaunch method, but once we know it, we will also give DOGIUM swappers credit in a pool that emits JANIS tokens linearly for 1 month. To find the amount, we will take the final price of DOGIUM (the price when the house LP is split at the conclusion of the swap period) and find the swapped market cap based on that price. We will then give DOGIUM swappers JANIS presale credit equal to 133% of the USD value swapped.

Besides bonus tokens, we hope that you are also getting excited about the great features that Janis will offer. Please read more about them !

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the DOGIUM farming!



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