DOGIUM Swap to Janis Capital Complete!

🐶 The DOGIUM swap to Janis Capital presale credit is now over!!!

🚀 38,085 DOGIUM were swapped, soaking up a HUGE amount of the supply!

🎶 The final price was 0.5047 USDC/DOGIUM:

🚀 DOGIUM swappers receive 33% bonus for a total of $24,987 in credit (0.6561 USDC/DOGIUM)!!!

🐸 23k DOGIUM have also been burned! The total circulating supply is now only 23k DOGIUM!

⛳ DOGIUM begins its meme token phase with a super low market cap! The swapped and LP split tokens (54k DOGIUM) are available to future community coordinators!



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