Darkside.Finance Reaches $100k Dividends Distributed

Hey guys! Just checking in with another USDC dividends distribution update for Darkside.Finance, and, well, they are pretty high!

We have recently crossed $100,000 in USDC dividends distributed by Darkside.Finance, and including Stadium Arcadium, our tokenized ownership system has now distributed over $875,000 in USDC dividends overall!

Our tokenized ownership system is the first of its kind, and it is the first system that has eliminated the concept of a fee wallet in yield farming systems. This is the first time that incentives have been aligned between creators and participants. Other yield farm owners are actually motivated to invest less in their platforms, but we are motivated to invest more.

Therefore, it is also my pleasure to announce that we have submitted our slot machine contract to audit! We hope that people will soon be spending both DARK and USDC on our slot machines! More updates on that soon.