Darkside Finance Presale Token Distribution Updates

Hey guys! We have updated the Layer 3 Presale Token Distribution page of the Docs to reflect some very important information many of you have been asking about!

-The MYFRIENDS/ARCADIUM price ratio for redemption purposes is now pegged at 16.6! The exact prices of the tokens don’t matter! So each token can increase by the same proportional amount and it will not affect the value proposition of redemption!

-Any deviation from this price ratio results in a presale discount for the relatively cheaper token!

-The redemption ratios will be adjusted later for the amount available to the public, not price! Therefore, we will subtract ARCADIUM we buy back from the total the presale can accept. This will increase the redemption value of ARCADIUM but will not affect MYFRIENDS much because further MYFRIENDS buybacks/burns are unlikely!

-Based on this info, ARCADIUM is still underpriced (though only slightly at this point)! So you know what to do!

-Don’t forget, those who participate in the Layer 3 Presale Swap receive 50% of the publictokens for Stone Temple Binance, our debut effort on Binance Smart Chain, to be released about 2 weeks after Darkside Finance!

Thanks guys and have a read of the full update: