Darkside Finance Presale: Final Redemption Ratios

Hey guys! The redemption ratios for MYFRIENDS and ARCADIUM in the upcoming Darkside Finance presale have been finalized! The presale token distribution page has been updated at:


To give people lead time before the swap, this will be the final calculation! We are deploying the presale swap contract (audited by Paladin) now, and so we are solidifying the values! The ratio changes favor ARCADIUM, as previously stated, because ARCADIUM is bought back and burned at a higher rate than CZDIAMOND!

Now, if you swap 1 ARCADIUM, you will get 0.1286 PDARK and 0.01543 PCZDIAMOND, and if you swap 1 MYFRIENDS, you will receive 2.1351 PDARK And 0.2562 PCZDIAMOND!

Thanks guys!



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