Darkside Finance Main Guts Audit Complete

Hey guys! We have received the Paladin audit report for our Layer 3 platform’s main guts! That includes the DARK and CZDIAMOND tokens, Masterchef, and our ALL-NEW NFT Chef file!


We have once again achieved FULL RESOLUTION of all issues found in the tokens, Masterchef, and NFT chef! Therefore, we are now officially on the pathway to Layer 3 launch! Congratulations to Wojak and the rest of the crew for these amazing technical achievements!

We are still awaiting completion of our OTC audit, but we have received our preliminary report on OTC and we anticipate another smooth resolution process. Really, very few issues were found with OTC and we are resolving them now!

The audit report PDF is available above but will be updated with the contract addresses when available. So this is major news but stay tuned for even more! Thanks!



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