Darkside Finance Day 1 Earnings and Dividends

Dear Darkside Finance Owners,

This is Kurt here with your Day 1 earnings and profit report. It has been a very profitable first day! Here is a breakdown of the profits and buybacks we have generated over the course of our first day of emissions:

  • We have already brought in well over $6 million in non-native deposits! Of the resulting $240,000+ in revenue, 25% was used to provide AMM support for DARK, and 75% went towards the CZDIAMOND pool’s USDC revenue. Of that money, $20k has already been distributed to owner harvest allocation, and we still have over $172,000 in the CZDiamond contract left for distribution:
  • We distributed into our 50/50 split for platform revenue! Of the money claimed from the PolyPudgyPenguins sale contract, 50% provided DARK AMM support, and 50% was sent to the ownership contract for USDC dividends distribution. This was based on only the minting of Pudgies on our public website. The use of penguins in lootboxes was not counted towards this revenue. Furthermore, the contract had over 6,000 more MATIC (~$7900) left to claim within the end of the first day of operation. So there is more waiting to be distributed this way!
  • We had a Lootbox run accepting DARK as the payment currency! In total, we collected 13,210 DARK from our overnight Lootbox run, which constitutes about 4% of the total DARK supply! The total value of the DARK collected was $24,400+, but the buyback wallet’s USDC cost was only $14,900 because most of the rare cards were PolyPudgyPenguins that we minted ourselves. Therefore, our unique Lootbox buyback mechanism combined with the cuteness of our PolyPudgyPenguins generated an additional $9,500 value add for the farm above what a direct DARK buyback would have provided.
  • We sent 5,500 DAI to Pulsar for another fun indirect buyback game! This game has a 10% player edge, so we generated $5,000 in DARK buyback power from this. The remainder can be thought of as a marketing expense, as we make our Pulsar games profitable to increase their desirability! We also provide Pulsar with a few extra coins so that they can sponsor a mission where Pulsar holders earn our coins. We believe that this serves as a good introduction to Darkside Finance for the Pulsar community, so we believe that it is a worthy marketing expense as an introduction to another community that is into blockchain games!

Thus, in our first day of operation, we have already generated over $190,000 in dividends for our CZDiamond owners, with especially strong performance from our recurring revenue sources! We are particularly encouraged by the sustainability implied by the profit generation of our Lootbox runs, NFT sales, and NFT staking. We intend to continue along this path while still releasing things like OTC and our on-chain slot machine on a much more rapid timeframe than others. We intend a timeframe of just a few more days for the next major steps on both OTC and slots. We will keep you posted.

We will continue updating you on the progress of all of our revenue streams, including the soon-to-be-released OTC engine, slots, and other gambling apps! The synergy between NFT sales, NFT staking, and our Lootbox distribution system is clearly showing its popularity! We will continue steadily pumping profits into the system, and we are confident in the mathematics of the situation. Thanks for sticking with us, and

Many cheers,




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