Countdown to Liquidity Provision and Token Swap for Stadium Arcadium

OK GUYS, we are less than 3 hours from liquidity provision and 4 hours from the swap! The countdown is at:

When the countdown runs out, please swap at:

Liquidity will be added approximately when the countdown reaches 1 hour! The liquidity time is approximate, so please watch! I have two tokens to process, so there will be a slight delay between them, but they will be added at close to the same time.

The wallet that will provide liquidity is:

We have $375,000 in USDC and an equivalent valuation in our coins. The exact amounts we will be providing are:

$225,000 USDC + 15000 ARCADIUM = $450,000 liquidity at $15/ARCADIUM
$150,000 USDC + 1800 MYFRIENDS = $300,000 liquidity at $83.33/MYFRIENDS

Congratulations! This gives us the highest initial liquidity out of any shitfarm in history!

And after approximately 2 days of prefarm trading, farming will begin at:

Approximately 8–12 hours before farming begins, we will be holding our Liquidity Transfer Event! During that, we will be sending over $166,000 recovered from the LITHIUM liquidity pool into the MYFRIENDS contract, where it will be proportionally distributed to stakers. This will be an incredibly large cash drop, so please be sure to stake your MYFRIENDS tokens as early as you can after the swap opens.

We appreciate you joining us on this exciting journey, and thank you for choosing Sugandese Tokens!



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PolyWantsADoge - Sugandese Tokens

PolyWantsADoge - Sugandese Tokens


PolyWantsADoge: A fork of PolyWantsACracker yield farm by the original team on Dogechain