Countdown to $166k Liquidity Transfer Event

Hey guys!!! We are now just 1 hour away from the beginning of the time window for our $166k liquidity transfer event! Come join us as we drop $166k USDC on our myfriends single stakers!

We recovered these funds from the LITHIUM-USDC Quickswap LP pair after the Layer 2 presale swap period expired. These funds will now be 100% proportionally distributed to stakers in the MYFRIENDS single staking pool. We feel that this jump start will provide a demonstration of our new dividend system’s abilities!

The countdown is at:

Remember, there will be several transfers within approximately 8–12 hours before the start of farming!

You can track the status of the wallet here:

Thank you for your interest in Stadium Arcadium and Sugandese Tokens!



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