Contract Updates for PolyWantsACracker

Dear Bandmates:

We have made some changes to our presale code to more accurately account for the recent fluctuations in the price of MATIC. This actually required us to redeploy all of our contracts, because the presale LITHIUM had already been sent to the old swap contract. Therefore, the new contract addresses for PolyWantsACracker are:

LithToken: 0xfE1a200637464FBC9B60Bc7AeCb9b86c0E1d486E
MasterChefV2: 0xfcD73006121333C92D770662745146338E419556
PLithToken: 0xfD30189bD6de5503bB1db60cf1136123EdEA837A
LithRedeem (Swap): 0xCcA55FAF3BF71dba92694877CB09c577A226aEaF
Timelock: 0x6a8af1dbFdb32dAc39BF8A386c03cC8857a107a8

There were absolutely no changes to the MasterChef code for this deploy, and the changes to the presale code have already been checked and updated on our Paladin audit page.

We would like to describe the changes we made to the presale contract to account for the price fluctuations in MATIC. We now have the following code:

require(block.number < startBlock - (oneHourMatic * 4), "cannot change price 4 hours before start block");

Which limits the time frame during which we can change the MATIC price per LITHIUM for assurance purposes. We have now set this value to 4 hours before the start of the sale, whereas before we had set this value to 12 hours. Therefore, we now recommend that users keep their funds as USDC until approximately 4 hours before the sale, when the MATIC price per LITHIUM has been finalized.

We also added the following code:

require(_newSalePriceE35 >= 2 * (10 ** 33));
require(_newSalePriceE35 <= 4 * (10 ** 34));

Which changes the possible price range in terms of LITHIUM in MATIC terms. The price per MATIC can range anywhere from .02 to .4 LITHUM per MATIC. This means that the price per LITHIUM can be anywhere from 2.5 to 50 MATIC, corresponding with MATIC prices of $.10 to $2.00. The value is initially set at 6 MATIC/LITHIUM according to the approximate daily price and will be reset.

As a final update: We were approached by multiple people who requested a pool for Chainlink (LINK) token. Therefore, we have added a LINK pool before the presale even takes place. We want to show that we respond to community requests, so here is your pool! We will also be raising the multipliers of pools for tokens released by organizations with whom we partner in the future.

We have been incredibly impressed by the support we have received so far. We have further exciting announcements to come. Thanks to all of those who choose to embark on this journey with us! An 8-day DAO followed by 80% treasury buyback on the 9th day, only on Fantom Network

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