BIFI Staking Now Enabled at Stadium Arcadium

Hey guys! I have an announcement about BIFI staking. We heard that some people were previously unable to stake in our BIFI single token pool, and we believe that the problem is now fixed. Please let us know about any more issues!

The reason why deposits were working up to a limit and then failing is because we could not trigger our auto AMM once we reached the threshold of value waiting to liquidate. Why you ask?

Because the BIFI token didn’t have a Quickswap USDC pair LMAO.

So the infrastructure wallet has funded the creation of a BIFI-USDC pair on Quickswap with $1000 worth of BIFI and $1000 USDC:

We then tested a deposit of .047 BIFI in order to make sure that the AMM now works:

And we confirmed that indeed, liquidation to USDC followed by sending the money to MYFRIENDS did indeed occur.

So you should not have any more problems using the BIFI staking pool. Enjoy! An 8-day DAO followed by 80% treasury buyback on the 9th day, only on Fantom Network

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Snowcat DAO - Sugandese Tokens

Snowcat DAO - Sugandese Tokens An 8-day DAO followed by 80% treasury buyback on the 9th day, only on Fantom Network

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