Beefy Finance + PolyWantsACracker Vault Partnership

It is with great pleasure that we announce our VAULT PROVIDER for!!!

Beefy is extremely well known in the yield farming community, and for a good reason! Their vaults automatically harvest and compound deposits, AND Beefy emits additional BIFI and other tokens as a bonus! Therefore, you can actually get more by staking with Beefy than at other places.

We know that you are a fan of getting more, so we were incredibly eager to partner with Beefy from the start. We began by offering a non-native BIFI pool in our farm, and we followed up by having our AMAZING community produce THE MOST COMMENTED REQUEST THREAD IN THE HISTORY OF BEEFY!!! We got Beefy’s attention much earlier than most other farms that are at a similar point in their life cycle because of these incredibly strong community efforts. And of course, we appreciate them very much.

Today is a day of celebration, so pat yourself on the pack, PolyWantsACracker community!

Check out the full text of the announcement below:

🐮 Beefy × PolyWantsACracker: new vaults and boost 🐄

We are excited to announce that PolyWantsACracker is joining Beefy 🚀 Launchpool and getting Beefy Vaults

PolyWantsACracker was designed in response to specific demand from the yield farming community, and the farm’s LITHIUM token will provide superior value to investors by being used in the farm’s next layer, which will introduce genre-redefining features and usher in an entirely new generation of sustainable, user-owned yield farms.

Please welcome two new vaults on Beefy:

1️⃣ LITHIUM — 420K% APY, 2.31% daily
2️⃣ LITHIUM-USDC LP — 160M% APY, 3.99% daily

Network: Polygon
LITHIUM: 0xfe1a200637464fbc9b60bc7aecb9b86c0e1d486e

✅ Like all Beefy vaults, your staked tokens compound automatically

We will boost BIFI MAXI APY with LITHIUM tokens as an extra reward for Beefy users later today. Get your BIFI ready, cowmoonity! 🐮



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PolyWantsADoge - Sugandese Tokens

PolyWantsADoge - Sugandese Tokens


PolyWantsADoge: A fork of PolyWantsACracker yield farm by the original team on Dogechain