BabySwap NFB Staking Open at Stone Temple Binance

🍼 Staking of BabySwap NFBs is now open at Stone Temple Binance!

💵 Deposit fee is .012 BNB per NFB staked
📈 APR 1642% based on $95 value
🎫 Yield tokens: STB + PLUSH

🎸 Stone Temple Binance has true staking pools for ERC721-type tokens, complete with a tokens staked display, emergency withdraw function, and dual token rewards!

🎰 Stone Temple Binance also looks forward to future partnership opportunities with BabySwap! We look forward to hosting their amazingly active community and exploring what we bring to the table!

🎮 Please feel welcome to check out all of Stone Temple Binance’s dApps, not just NFT staking! We also offer OTC (over-the-counter, peer-to-peer trading of BEP20 tokens), Lootcrate, NFT sales, and we will soon release gambling apps such as Slot Machine and Poker! Thanks!



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