ARCADIUM Emission Rate Changes

Hey guys, we have made some changes to the emission rate structure of ARCADIUM in advance of our liquidity provision and swap opening tonight! The APRs will fill in soon, so you will be able to see what to expect during the first phase of farming!

As you will see, we will be displaying a high initial emission rate for ARCADIUM. ARCADIUM’s emission rate was originally scheduled to start out at 100x the lowest value before dropping to 10x the lowest value at 15 minutes after farming start. Then, from 15 minutes to 2 hours after emissions begin, the emission rate drops from 10x to 1x the lowest emission value. The emission rate then scales up from 1x to 2x the lowest value from 2 hours after farming begins until approximately the end of farming.

We have changed only the first 15 minutes. Whereas the initial emission rate was originally 100x the lowest value, it is now 10.01x the lowest value. So we now have almost linear emission over the first 15 minutes, with only a very slight downward gradient. After that initial 15 minutes of 10x emissions, the rate will scale down linearly over the next 1 hour and 45 minutes until we reach the “base emission rate,” from which we will then double the emission rate over 2 weeks on a third linear gradient.

The reason for this change is that we do not want to cause too much confusion among investors, as seeing 100x emissions might present numbers that, while real, might cause investors difficulty in terms of calculating their real returns.

Whereas before we were intending to emit 23 hours’ worth of rewards in the first 2 hours, we will now emit 12 hours’ worth of rewards at the slowest emission level in the first 2 hours. We feel that this will cause a more manageable supply influx that can be easily managed.

All of the updated information is now on the ARCADIUM token page under Emission Rate:

Thank you for entering the Stadium Arcadium, and we hope you enjoy the show!



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