Announcing Snowcat DAO

The results of our poll on whether there should be another short-term DAO are now available! The results show that, while 11% would like us to go fuck ourselves, a whopping 89% had a good enough time to give it another go by participating in the presale. This number of affirmative responses is sufficient to project a sellout. Therefore, we hereby announce our branding for the next short-term DAO on AVAX: Snowcat DAO!

The protocol will be mostly similar to MiniPanther, but with the following changes:

  • Website (not posted yet):
  • Token symbol: SCAT
  • Network: AVAX C(rap)-Chain
  • Duration until buybacks: 8 days
  • Bonding: First 5 days
  • Buyback period: 24 hours (but there will be at least one HUGE BUYBACK)
  • Anti-Bot: 90% sales tax on the same block as a buyback, rapidly descending tax for 7 seconds thereafter

The presale will also be similar to MiniPanther, with multiple phases for the previous layer swap and new purchases. First, the MiniPanther (MP) swap info:

  • MP → PSCAT swap: 15,000 SCAT
  • Supply divided equally amongst all MP contributed
  • Contract open: 3-7, 8pm GMT — 3-10, 8pm GMT

Up next, the DAI presale info:

  • DAI presale: 60,000 SCAT
  • Price: 10 DAI/PSCAT (600,000 DAI hard cap), 3k DAI/wallet limit
  • Whitelist period (200 spots): 3-19. 8pm GMT — 3-20, 8pm GMT
  • Public sale (whatever is left): 3-20, 8pm GMT — 3-22, 8pm GMT

Some launch tokenomics info:

  • Other initial SCAT: Liquidity (24,000), Incentives (3,000), Snowdog DAO Airdrop (6,000), DAO (92,000, not to be dumped)
  • Total initial SCAT: 200,000
  • 60% of presale funds will go to liquidity at 1.5x presale price

And the remainder of the launch schedule:

  • Liquidity launch: 3-22, 9pm GMT
  • Swap PSCAT → SCAT: 3-23, 8pm GMT
  • First reward epoch begins: 3-25, 8pm GMT
  • First staking rewards given: 3-26, 0000 GMT
  • Buyback date: 4-2, 8pm GMT

We are now opening whitelist signup to our previous participants before we launch the Snowcat website! If you are interested, please check our Discord and Telegram chats to confirm that space is still available and follow the signup procedures posted in those groups.

UPDATE a few hours after posting: Whitelist full!

We are very pleased that so many of you enjoyed your experiences with the first ever honestly run short-term DAO in MiniPanther, and we are even more flattered that so many of you have demanded another run. Thanks again for your interest in Snowcat DAO!



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