Announcing Arbitrum Janis DEX

🎤 Announcing Arbitrum Janis DEX

🤝 A community-owned decentralized exchange on Arbitrum One

🪙 Check out its amazing features, including real yield dividends and launchpad!

🥇 Get THE BEST equity distributions in crypto!!!

🕘 Release Schedule:

⏰ June 9, 9pm GMT: Community Fairlaunch begins
⏰ June 12, 9pm GMT: Community Fairlaunch ends
⌛ June 12, 10pm GMT: Liquidity launch, fairlaunch emissions begin
🎉 June 13, 9pm GMT: Protocol begins

🌐 Website:

📜 Docs:



Janis Capital - Sugandese Tokens

Janis.Capital: A Community-Owned Decentralized Exchange on Arbitrum One

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