All-New NFT Chef Cleared for Launch in Darkside Finance

Hey guys! As many of you have read, we received the final report of Paladin Blockchain Security’s audit of our Layer 3 system’s main components. We are pleased to report that our all-new NFT chef file has been fully cleared by our auditors, enabling the public release of our all-new NFT staking feature!

An explanation of NFT staking in Darkside finance is in order, as it is fundamentally different from attempts by other organizations. Our concept of NFT staking is designed to resemble “regular” pools from the bottom up. We believe that you have NFTs from valuable series that you would like to earn passive income from. Therefore, we will charge a deposit fee in MATIC (or whatever gas currency) to stake your NFTs in a pool that gets a standard multiplier. The only difference, really, is that the deposit fee cannot be paid as 4% of the NFT, so charging the deposit fee in gas currency is a fundamentally necessary adaptation.

This is different from attempts by other projects that have attempted to emit a yield token for NFTs. Those projects usually emit tokens only for NFTs that they produce themselves, whereas our new system can easily add pools for any ERC721 token. Furthermore, the emissions from our NFT pools will be our ownership and farming tokens CZDIAMOND and DARK, which will have their own forms of utility as outlined in the Docs. In contrast, other token emissions for NFTs have generally lacked much of a purpose.

Our unique system synergizes NFT staking with Lootbox offerings and the creation of our own NFT series. Our lootbox contract allows us to offer NFTs that we create ourselves as “rare” cards in randomized lootbox packs. Thus, they will be directly released and marketed through an in-demand product, which should provide excellent digital rarity management. These NFTs will also be available for purchase, providing platform income to dividend stakers and the farm token. The synergy between these factors should motivate token holders and entertainment seekers alike to fund our platform.

The Paladin Darkside Finance audit page is continuously being updated as parts of the audit are completed and deployed with addresses. We also have an audit page on our Docs site. Please review all of our audits to reassure yourself that we invest a great sum of our energies and finances on blockchain security! An 8-day DAO followed by 80% treasury buyback on the 9th day, only on Fantom Network

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Snowcat DAO - Sugandese Tokens An 8-day DAO followed by 80% treasury buyback on the 9th day, only on Fantom Network

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