🎰It has now been a week since we opened up our slot machines to the public! Here are some numbers:

  • #5: Current ranking on the DappRadar list of Polygon Gambling Apps 📈
  • 1,400+: Number of transactions on Slot Machine contracts 💸
  • $1,000+: Profit of our USDC/BUSD Slot Machines 💰
  • 33,000+: DARK Profit of the DARK Slot Machine 💵
  • 0: Other Slot Machines like ours

Remember, our Slot Machines are all provably fair, with completely random landing positions of the reels! So what are you waiting for? Play our Slot Machines today at Darkside Finance and Stone Temple Binance, and spread the word!

📷It’s time to announce the BSC edition of Sugandese Lootboxes! Enter to receive a random “pack” of three digital mystery goods! The prizes include valuable tokens and rare Chillaxin’ Cat NFTs!

🎉This time we have given bonus Chillaxin’ Cats and cash and made the chance of getting a rare in a pack 90%!

🎫Price: 0.11 BNB worth of BUSD
— Packs in deck: 250
— Chillaxin’ Cats: 205
— Rare cash cards: 20 (worth $100 or more)
— Rare chance in pack: 90%

⏰Countdown: https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/11722222

🎰Participate: https://stonetemple.finance/lootcrate/

💵Decklist: https://polywantsacracker.gitbook.io/stone-temple-binance/platform/lootcrate-contract/lootcrate-card-list-1