🎰It has now been a week since we opened up our slot machines to the public! Here are some numbers:

  • #5: Current ranking on the DappRadar list of Polygon Gambling Apps 📈
  • 1,400+: Number of transactions on Slot Machine contracts 💸
  • $1,000+: Profit of our USDC/BUSD Slot Machines 💰
  • 33,000+: DARK Profit of the DARK Slot Machine 💵
  • 0: Other Slot Machines like ours

Remember, our Slot Machines are all provably fair, with completely random landing positions of the reels! So what are you waiting for? Play our Slot Machines today at Darkside Finance and Stone Temple Binance, and spread the word!

Hey guys! We are happy to report that our Slot Machine has risen to #5 on DappRadar’s Polygon Gambling app rankings!


We have reduced the minimum bet on Darkside Finance to $1 USDC or 20 DARK! So what are you waiting for? Play now so that we can continue to rise in the rankings! It’s provably fair!

Hey guys! Our slot machines are now live at https://darkside.finance/slotmachine/ and https://stonetemple.finance/slotmachine/!

Slot Machine info:

  • Win up to 80x your bet
  • Provably fair, verifiably random results with Chainlink integration
  • High 93.1% expected payout
  • Resolution fully on chain, reels programmed into the blockchain

As far as we are aware, this is the only game of its kind! We replicate the functionality of a real slot machine to give the game a classic casino feel. And the contract ensures that the game is completely fair from beginning to end. So come play today!

Diamond NFT Display Pendant

Sugandese Tokens is giving away an exclusive Diamond NFT Display Pendant (retail: $669)!

The package includes the pendant, which is a gold-plated bezel for a 44mm Apple iWatch with 1.5 ctw of lab-grown diamonds, and a diamond-studded clasp adapter. Chain and Apple Watch not included.

How do I enter?


📷It’s time to announce the BSC edition of Sugandese Lootboxes! Enter to receive a random “pack” of three digital mystery goods! The prizes include valuable tokens and rare Chillaxin’ Cat NFTs!

🎉This time we have given bonus Chillaxin’ Cats and cash and made the chance of getting a rare in a pack 90%!

🎫Price: 0.11 BNB worth of BUSD
— Packs in deck: 250
— Chillaxin’ Cats: 205
— Rare cash cards: 20 (worth $100 or more)
— Rare chance in pack: 90%

⏰Countdown: https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/11722222

🎰Participate: https://stonetemple.finance/lootcrate/

💵Decklist: https://polywantsacracker.gitbook.io/stone-temple-binance/platform/lootcrate-contract/lootcrate-card-list-1

Sugandese Tokens Blockchain Platform

DarkSide.finance — Yield Farm on Polygon Network — Superior Metrics, Tokenized User Ownership — https://darkside.finance/

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