Hey guys! RugDocIO has released a video summary of our “Underrated Predictors of Yield Farm Success” video. Enjoy!

Hey guys! We are proud to announce that Treasureland Market has listed our Chillaxin’ Cats NFTs for sale! Therefore, we now have a reliable designated market for Chillaxin’ Cat adoption. Be sure to adopt one today at our NFT Shop or pick one from our Lootcrate packs at Stone Temple Binance!

📷It’s time to announce the BSC edition of Sugandese Lootboxes! Enter to receive a random “pack” of three digital mystery goods! The prizes include valuable tokens and rare Chillaxin’ Cat NFTs!

🎉This time we have given bonus Chillaxin’ Cats and cash and made the chance of getting a rare in a pack 90%!

🎫Price: 0.11 BNB worth of BUSD
— Packs in deck: 250
— Chillaxin’ Cats: 205
— Rare cash cards: 20 (worth $100 or more)
— Rare chance in pack: 90%

⏰Countdown: https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/11722222

🎰Participate: https://stonetemple.finance/lootcrate/

💵Decklist: https://polywantsacracker.gitbook.io/stone-temple-binance/platform/lootcrate-contract/lootcrate-card-list-1

Hey guys! We have uploaded the NFT Shop, where the Chillaxin’ Cats NFT series is now for sale! The mint price is 0.15 BNB, and there are 2,000 Chillaxin’ Cats in total!

Stone Temple Binance also has a staking pool for Chillaxin’ Cats with a 15x multiplier and deposit fee…

Hey guys! We have reached a decision regarding DARK token emission at the end of the first CZDIAMOND half life era!

On October 13, 2021 at approximately 1400 GMT, CZDIAMOND emission will change to half its current value. This is an unchangeable aspect of the Darkside Finance code. …

The Chillaxin’ Cats Shop opens tomorrow at 2200 GMT!

Hey everyone! We are pleased to announce the countdown to release of our all-original Chillaxin’ Cats NFT series by Sugandese Tokens’ Kyoko Toshino!

Price: 0.15 BNB each

Where: The NFT shop on https://stonetemple.finance/

When: 2200 GMT, October 11, 2021

15x Staking Pool for Chillaxin’ Cats in Stone Temple Binance

Hey guys! The Over-the-Counter (OTC) Exchange is now available at Stone Temple Binance! You can use OTC to:

  • Buy or sell Stone Temple Binance native tokens with no transfer tax! That’s right, you can avoid the 16.6% total transfer tax with Asshole Fee for selling PLUSH if you trade OTC!
  • Trade any size tranches of ERC20 tokens with no slippage!
  • Prevent native tokens from being dumped on LPs — this applies to any token, but especially tokens that communities don’t want dumped on LPs!
  • Trade tokens that have no liquidity, such as presale tokens
  • Darkpools, running actual presales, etc.

Please use OTC, and also spread the word about it!

🍼 Staking of BabySwap NFBs is now open at Stone Temple Binance!


💵 Deposit fee is .012 BNB per NFB staked
📈 APR 1642% based on $95 value
🎫 Yield tokens: STB + PLUSH

🎸 Stone Temple Binance has true staking pools for ERC721-type tokens, complete with a tokens staked display, emergency withdraw function, and dual token rewards!

🎰 Stone Temple Binance also looks forward to future partnership opportunities with BabySwap! We look forward to hosting their amazingly active community and exploring what we bring to the table!

🎮 Please feel welcome to check out all of Stone Temple Binance’s dApps, not just NFT staking! We also offer OTC (over-the-counter, peer-to-peer trading of BEP20 tokens), Lootcrate, NFT sales, and we will soon release gambling apps such as Slot Machine and Poker! Thanks!

Hey guys! We have some INSANE APRs available for Stone Temple Binance token LPers now!

Please don’t delay! You’re losing precious tokens by not staking in our native farms immediately!

This is not a drill! Holy crap guys! I’m shitting my pants!

Hey guys! It is now 30 minutes until the start of Stone Temple Binance!


Deposit now:


Sugandese Tokens Blockchain Platform

DarkSide.finance — Yield Farm on Polygon Network — Superior Metrics, Tokenized User Ownership — https://darkside.finance/

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